Nicolae TestemițanuNicolae Testemiţanu was born on August 1, 1927 in Ochiul Alb village, Bălţi district. He had graduated from gymnasium in Baraboi village then he pursued his studies at the secondary school No. 1 in Bălţi. In 1951 he graduated from Chişinău State Institute of Medicine (CSIM).


In the same year he was admitted to fellowship training at the General Surgery Chair of CSIM concomitantly carrying out his activity as physician in the Surgery Department of Râşcani District Hospital. In 1954 he was employed as Assistant Professor, then as Associate Professor, Professor and later on as Head of this Chair. He also held the position of Head Physician of Republican Clinical Hospital and founded the Journal Ocrotirea sănătăţii.   


In 1958 he defended the PhD thesis in medical sciences. A year later, at the age of only 32, he was appointed Rector of Chişinău State Institute of Medicine. The young Rector managed to establish Faculties of Dentistry (1959), Continuing Education in Medicine (1962), Preventive Medicine (1963) and Pharmacy (1964). Thanks to this, the number of students doubled thus solving the problem of medical specialists shortage in the country. He strengthened the academic staff and technical-material basis, provided equipment and teaching materials for the training process, improved the living conditions for staff and students.


In 1963 Nicolae Testemițanu was appointed Minister of Health, continuing at the same time his activity at the Chair of Traumatology, Orthopaedics and Surgery. Acting as Minister he developed strategies aimed at strengthening the healthcare system patrimony, providing a sufficient number of healthcare specialists, improving the forms and methods of rendering healthcare services to people.


He had advocated for the provision of healthcare system with medical specialists, preponderantly autochthonous, and introduction of Romanian language in the training process for which initiative he was dismissed from the position of Minister in 1968. Later on he was appointed Associate Professor at the Chair of Social Medicine and Organization of Healthcare.  


In 1973 he defended the thesis of doctor habilitatus in medical sciences. After he had received the scientific-academic title of Professor, he was appointed Head of Social Medicine Chair, which he led until his last breath.  


Nicolae Testemițanu was an experienced educator, committed to the cause and ideals of young generations. He published over 220 scientific papers, including 15 monographs, methodical works dedicated to public health management and the history of medicine.  


Under his guidance it was developed the concept on provision of specialised healthcare for the rural population, for which the State Prize in the field of Science and Technology was awarded. Also, the Chair led by Professor Testemiţanu was recognised in the USSR as a scientific coordination centre for issues of healthcare provision to rural population.


Professor Testemiţanu was a leading authority of the medical community in the Republic of Moldova, a brilliant scientist and Statesman who brought an essential contribution to the reformation and development of the higher medical education and the national healthcare system. Thanks to him it was created a modern primary healthcare system functionally integrated with the specialised medicine.  


Nicolae Testemiţanu passed away on September 20, 1986. He was conferred the title of Academician of ASM post-mortem. As from 1990 the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy of the Republic of Moldova bears the name of the brilliant scientist.