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Nikolai Harauzov


Graduated from Zemstvo School, Vologda, Russia;
Graduated from the Experimental School of second category, Vologda;
Higher education at the First Leningrad Medical Institute;
Doctoral studies, Department of Pharmacology, First Leningrad Medical Institute;
Postdoctoral studies, Department of Pharmacology of Leningrad Sanitary-Hygienic Medical Institute.
Assistant, Department of Pharmacology, First Leningrad Medical Institute;
Physician of the Artillery and Machine Gun Battalion Unit, senior physician of the Petrograd Volunteer Division Regiment of the People’s Militia Army, Leningrad;
Head of the Camp Hospital, head of the Medical Office of the Evacuation Hospital, Leningrad;
Conferențiar, Catedra de farmacologie, Institutul de Pediatrie, orașul Leningrad;1946-1948 Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology, Institute of Pediatrics, Leningrad;
Head of Department, Department of Pharmacology, Chisinau State Institute of Medicine;
Rector of Chisinau State Institute of Medicine;
Vice-Rector for Research, the All-Union Institute for Sanitary-Chemical Research, Leningrad.
Doctor of Medical Sciences;
Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology.
Secretary responsible for editing and development of the first collection of CSIM scientific papers;
Founder and vice-president of the branch of All-Union Society of Physiologists, Biochemists and Pharmacists.

Author of 25 scientific papers and inventions;


Carried out extensive scientific research in the field of pharmacology;


At his initiative, the first two collections of CSIM collaborators’ scientific papers were developed and published.

Medal for the ”Defence of Leningrad”;
Order of the ”Patriotic War”, 1st class;
Order of the ”Patriotic War”, 2nd class;
Medal for the Victory over Germany.