tehnologii moleculare

Competition for admission to Master of science degree Program - Molecular Technologies in Health

Published: 20.07.2021

tehnologii moleculare

Nicolae Testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy announces a competition for admission to a two-year Master's degree full-time study program (cycle II) - Molecular Technologies in Health. This year, the educational offer includes 5 places financed from the state budget and 10 places with tuition fee payment.

The transdisciplinary Master of Science program aims to prepare specialists in the fields of medicine, pharmacology and biotechnology, with thorough training in the contemporary methodology of study of molecular mechanisms under normal and pathological conditions, diagnostic technologies and processes specific to the design, manufacturing and control of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology products for personalized treatment.

During their studies, master students will deepen their theoretical knowledge in the fields of molecular biology and medical genetics, clinical biochemistry, pathology, pharmacology and pharmacotherapy, obtained at the previous level of studies, will benefit from exhaustive training in biomedical research methodology, bioinformatics and biotechnology, will develop advanced practical skills in laboratories and specialized agencies as well as in pharmaceutical and biotechnology enterprises.

Graduates of the program will be able to continue their studies under doctoral programs (cycle III) or find work in biomedical, biotechnological and pharmaceutical scientific laboratories or in biomedical and pharmaceutical profile educational institutions (by completing the psycho-pedagogical module if necessary).

Holders of  bachelor's degree, integrated studies, master's degree, higher education diplomas as well as of equivalent certificate of studies completed abroad, recognized by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, can participate in the admission contest.

Holders of higher education, integrated studies or master studies diplomas, who have benefited from training with state budget funding, can pursue studies under Molecular Technologies in Health Master's program only on a contract basis, by paying a tuition fee of 19,300 lei.

Applicants should send their electronic files to phdschool@usmf.md or submit the documents between July 19-30 to the Admission Committee for Master's studies.

Admitere masterat științific

The intermediate results of the contest will be announced on August 3, on the website https://admitere.usmf.md/. All those who will be on the lists shall submit their original documents between August 4-10. Only the candidates who submitted the original documents can participate in the final competition. Thus, applicants who have failed at the intermediate admission competition, but want to participate in the final competition, must submit the documents within the established deadlines. The final results will be announced on August 12, on the University's website. If some places remain unfilled, the second round of admission will be organized.

Additional information can be accessed at: https://admitere.usmf.md/ro/admitere/studii-universitare/candidati-autohtoni/studii-superioare-de-masterat-ciclul-ii/masterat

For questions, please call 022 205 142 or 069076900, or write a message to phdschool@usmf.md


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