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Leonid Cobâleanschi


Secondary School of Baraboi village, Riscani district (currently Donduseni district), Moldavian SSR;
Soroca College of Medicine;
Chisinau State Institute of Medicine (CSIM);
Doctoral studies, Pathophysiology specialty, CSIM;
Postdoctoral studies, Food Institute of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR.
Head of the Medical Office in the villages of Moseni, Hiliuti and Baraboi, Riscani district;
Assistant, Department of Pathophysiology, CSIM;
Deputy Dean, Faculty of General Medicine, CSIM;
Senior Lecturer, Department of Pathophysiology, CSIM;
Associate Professor, Department of Pathophysiology, CSIM;
Researcher at the Laboratory of Enzymology, USSR Academy of Medical Sciences;
Rector of Chisinau State Institute of Medicine;
Professor, Department of Pathophysiology, CSIM;
Head of Department, Department of Pathophysiology, CSIM.
Doctor of Medical Sciences;
Associate Professor, Department of Pathophysiology;
Doctor Habilitated in Medical Sciences;
Professor, Department of Pathophysiology.
Member of the Republican Committee for State Awards in Science and Technology;
Member of the College of the Ministry of Health;
President of the Specialized Council for the defense of PhD and Doctor Habilitated theses in Medical Sciences;
Member of the Commission for Scientific Coordination under the office of the President of the Republic of Moldova;
Member of the editorial boards of the MSSR Encyclopedia, ”Health Courier”; ”Society”, ”Man”, ”Health, and ”Our House” publications.


Author of two monographs, an explanatory Romanian-Russian-French dictionary in the field and a compendium of practical works;


Published over 120 scientific articles and theses, registered two rationalization proposals;


Carried out extensive scientific research in several fields of internal medicine, in particular on traumatic shock, consistently expanding and deepening the scientific research on severe trauma;


Combined clinical research with experimental research, developing the scientific direction for the determination of lysosomal ferments in liver and kidneys, their level in blood at a compression shock and their correction;


Participated in national and international conferences and congresses in various fields, the most significant being the one held within the framework of the first World Congress of Pathophysiologists in Moscow in 1990;


Seven PhD theses and three Doctor Habilitated in Medical Sciences dissertations were defended under the guidance of Professor Leonid Cobaleanschi.

State Prize in the field of science and technology for outstanding achievements in the study of traumatic shock;
Emeritus Honorary title of the Republic of Moldova for achievements in science, training and education of medical staff;
Two medals For Bravery at Work;
Eminent Health Care Specialist badge;