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Nikolai Starostenko


Primary and Secondary School, Elisavetgrad, Ukraine;
Locksmiths studies, Elisavetgrad city, Ukraine;
Kiev Medical Institute, Ukraine;
Doctoral studies, Odessa Tuberculosis Institute, Ukraine.
Locksmith, ”Red Star Factory”, Kirovograd, Ukraine;
Resident physician, Shepetovka Hospital, Ukraine;
Assistant, Clinic of Nutritional Physiology Institute, Odessa, Ukraine;
Senior Assistant, Clinic of Odessa Nutritional Physiology Institute, Ukraine;
Administrator, Odessa Vitamin Laboratory, Ukraine;
Chief therapist, Military Hospital No. 1096, Odessa, Ukraine;
Senior therapist at a military field hospital, Ukraine;
Associate Professor, Department of Gynecology, Chisinau State Institute of Medicine (CSIM);
Associate Professor, Department of Internal Medicine, CSIM;
Head of Department, Department of Internal Medicine, CSIM;
Vice-rector for didactic and scientific activity, CSIM;
Professor, Department of Internal Medicine, CSIM;
Director of Chisinau State Institute of Medicine.
Doctor of Medical Sciences;
Associate Professor, Department of Internal Medicine;
Doctor Habilitated in Medical Sciences;
Professor, Department of Internal Medicine.
Founder and President of the Society of Internists of the Republic of Moldova;
Member of the MSSR Scientific Society of Cardiologists.


His scientific activity was devoted to the study of diseases of the stomach, intestines and liver;


Professor Nikolai Starostenko established, in Moldova, the School of Internal Medicine, including in the field of gastroenterology;


He published about 117 scientific papers, including seven monographs dedicated to the pathology of the digestive organs;


28 PhD theses and 4 Doctor Habilitated dissertations in medical sciences, dedicated to pathologies of the digestive tract, were defended under his direction;


Scientific research focused on the pathology of the digestive organs and the cardiovascular system, the biopotentials of internal organs in a normal state and in various pathologies, etc.;


Most scientific results were implemented in medical practice, including electric shock, applied for the first time in the Republic of Moldova in the treatment of supraventricular and ventricular tachyarrhythmias.


Order of the ”Red Star”;
Medal ”for the Defense of Stalingrad”;
Medal ”for the victory over Germany”.
”Scientist Emeritus” Honorary title.