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The University activity regarding the current epidemiological situation of COVID-19 

Published: 16.03.2020

alerta covidAll the staff of Nicolae Testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy of the Republic of Moldova, mainly people aged 60, pregnant women and women with children up to 10 will work at home  (working from distance), according to the Order no. 57-A of 16.03.2020 On the strengthening of prophylaxis measures on the type Coronavirus infection (COVID-19). The order was issued by the rector Emil Ceban, based on the meeting of Administration Council in order to ensure health and life protection of the beneficiaries of studies and University employees due to the epidemiological situation and measures taken by the authorities to prevent the spread of the epidemy of COVID-19 virus in the country. 

According to the new order, the heads of University subdivisions located in the Main building of the University have to elaborate a working program regarding the presence of minimum necessary staff at the workplace for ensuring the continuity of the activity processes, in the period of March 16-27.  Also, no trespassing to all University buildings, and the access of students who live in hostels will be restricted in public spaces, except pharmacies and food markets.

The preclinical and clinical chairs  will work from distance (at home) in order to develop the online courses until March 30, for ensuring the teaching process of the students, according to the Rector's Order no. 55-A of 16.03.2020 On ensuring the teaching process with the online didactic support. The continuing medical training courses will be organized online for all physicians and pharmacists in the country, Order of Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection no. 265 of 16.03.2020 On suspending the continuing medical education training.

At the same time, the representatives of the Department of Epidemiology, in charge Angela Paraschiv, will ensure collaboration with the National Agency for Public Health. The clinical departments will draw up a working program with the appointment of the persons responsible for ensuring the clinical activity within the University clinical bases located in the medical institutions.

The medical residents will strictly continue their activity in the medical institutions where they are employed according to the Order of Health, Labour and Social Protection, but the related cycles will be suspended in the period of March 16-27. 

The epidemiological situation from the Student Campus will be monitored and daily reported by the vice-rectors in charge and the head of the Department of Recruitment and Documentation of Foreign Citizens. We remind that the students and medical residents can address at the provisional medical center, in case of health issues, within the Center of Traditional Chinese Medicine, from Monday to Friday, between 9:00-18:00, and on Saturday and Sunday, between 9:00-15:00. In case of any emergency, the students can call 022 205 602, 022 205 603 (Registrar's office), but outside the working program of the provisional medical center, they can address at the hostel administrator. The latter will comply with the provisions of the Order of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection no. 222 of 04.03.2020 regarding the provision of medical assistance to people who meet the criteria of the case definition COVID-19: will isolate the person and call 112 Service in order to be taken to a specialized medical institution.

The Rector's order includes the organizing the individual and online sessions of psychological counselling for the University employees and students, especially for the international ones who are staying in hostels. The services will be offered by the specialists of the Center for Psychological Counselling and Career Guidance and by social educators.

In this period, the activity of the University Food Complex (canteens and buffets) will be suspended, but the Transport Service will continue its ordinary regime.

Also, the Association of Students and Residents in Medicine will create a group of student-volunteers for organizing, if necessary, various volunteering activities.

An important point of the Rector's order includes the informing the University employees that will be ensured by the Department of Communication and Public Relations through the email addresses of institutional type and the university information portal (, but with the students - by the deans through the University Management Information System (

All the university employees have to check daily their individual email address ( and university information portal for information and documentation, and to be receptive to the telephone calls.

For more details, please access the Rector's orders:

  1. Order no. 41-A of 27.02.2020 On the prophylaxis measures of the new type Coronavirus infection (COVID-19);

  2. Order no. 51-A of 09.03.2020 On the strengthening of prophylaxis measures on new type Coronavirus infection (COVID-19);

  3. Order no. 53-A of 11.03.2020 On the suspension of some activities in the University during the period of March 11-23, 2020;

  4. Order no. 58-A of 20.03.2020 On the extension of the academic process suspension at the University until March 31, 2020;

  5. Order no. 59-A of 23.03.2020 On the application of additional measures for preventing the transmission of infection with the new type of Coronavirus in the University hostels.

More information about the prophylaxis measures of new type coronavirus infection undertaken at the institution level can be found on:



Links to REFERENCE DOCUMENTS issued by:

Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Moldova:

  1. Ordinul nr. 243 din 09.03.2020 cu privire la motivarea personalului;
  2. Ordinul nr. 222 din 04.03.2020 cu privire la acordarea asistenței medicale persoanelor care întrunesc criteriile definiției de caz COVID-19;
  3. Ordinul nr. 81 din 24.01.2020 cu privire la măsurile de prevenire și control al infecției cu Coronavirusul de tip nou (COVID-19).

Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of the Republic of Moldova:

  1. Ordinul nr. 368 din 20.03.2020 cu privire la suspendarea procesului educațional în instituțiile de învățământ;
  2. Ordinul nr. 366 din 20.03.2020 cu privire la organizarea activităților didactice în sistem on-line în instituțiile de învățământ superior;
  3. Circulara nr. 04/1-09/1666 din 11.03.2020 cu privire la unele precizări privind suspendarea procesului de studii;
  4. Ordinul nr. 292 din 10.03.2020 cu privire la suspendarea procesului educațional în instituțiile de învățământ;
  5. Circulara nr. 03/1-09/1593 din 09.03.2020;
  6. Ordinul nr. 174 din 25.02.20202 cu privire la profilaxia epidemiologică a gripei, infecțiilor acute ale căilor respiratorii și la infecția cu Coronavirusul de tip nou (COVID-19) în instituțiile de învățământ;
  7. Circulara nr. 03/1-09/1044 din 19.02.2020.
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